Haru remembers at last []

haru and seungri <3 i want more moment like this please!!!!

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Tablo and Haru watching BIGBANG’s concert ❤

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well tablo… she is the daughter of a MMA fighter


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haru unnie~!

arghh my two favs! sarang and haru <3

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she’s serious tho

lol! haru yaa

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seojun ah~~

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cuteness overloaded

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"Heartwarming stage by YG Family is waiting for you. Performance by each team is of course, and collaboration stage is also one of the attractions.” -Daesung

"We have prepare a lot of stage that we can dance, sing and laugh together. We would like all of you to have fun at YG Family concert venue. So, we’re waiting for all of you at the venue.” - Seungri

That’s all from Big Bang!” - BIGBANG

© YGE YouTube

Translation by marthapido

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[TRANS] Seungri’s interview VVVI Style Second Season Vol 7

Original interview +

Vol 8 , 9 (haven’t done others yet)

English translation by Mimi | marthapido


Vol.7 Big Bang in dressing room before live concert – Each member’s characters will stand out!

—Continuing from previous, firstly, story behind the lyrics of GGBE (Feat Jennie Kim of YG New Artist). There is this lyrics “On your birthday, I bought mocha cake to make you happy”. On your beloved person’s birthday, how do you celebrate her birthday? What is VI’s own way to celebrate?

VI: I will give bag and shoes as present. I will arrange all Chanel, Louis Vuitton to fill the top of a table.

—VI’s image up until now had ruined.

VI: just kidding. Please don’t write this. (laughs) I will give a letter to my partner as the birthday present.

—What a relief! That’s the most thoughtful gift. You gave a really good impression at once.

VI: That’s my tactic (laughs). (With loud voice) a letter, a letter!! Please write this one properly (laughs)

—Of course. What do you write in the letter?

VI: “The season was cold back then when I first met you, and right now the season is getting cold again. Let’s warm up the coldness with you and my warmth” Something like a poem. And then I’ll put the letter in a Chanel box.

—Eh, you’ll do it after all?

VI: Not the letter but I’ll put the receipt. So that my partner will know the price (laughs). Then when she saw the receipt I’ll say “Ah, I put it by mistake, this is not that expensive so don’t mind it”… Of course this is just a joke so please don’t write this okay (laughs)

—No, I definitely will write this (laughs) By the way, do you throw a party for your girl friend?

VI: To be honest, I don’t really like birthday party.

—Eh why is it? Such as putting many balloons in a room, prepare many things to please her. I had an image that you will do this kind of surprises.

VI: Not at all. Of course I like surprises but when I go to birthday parties, I always get in to a fight with someone. I don’t even do anything but it keeps repeating for some times, that I become to think “Is it because of me?”, then, I just say I’m going home..


—That’s not even VI’s fault

VI: I’ll trouble people (laughs) So, I’m not going to hold my girl friend and my own birthday party. On my birthday, I’ll spend time with my family. “Mama, can you please cook something? Simple one is okay”. I’m happy with eating my mother’s homemade seaweed soup and Korean-style beef ribs.

—You’re not throwing a big party right.

VI: For me, the big party is live concert. For my private life it’s enough with a simple one. And then, “mocha cake” that comes out in the song is actually a present for a girl that I like a long time ago. So, when I wrote the lyrics, “cake? Cheese cake is a bit weird, well, let’s just put mocha cake”

—Meaning VI’s real life experience is also included.

VI: Not all but since I created it, I put in here and there my experiences and also my thoughts.

—So many love styles are portrayed in this album such as excited feeling being in love, crossing hearts with lovers and feeling hurt because of breaking up. Do you have any advice for those people whose feeling weak because of love?

VI: Breaking up is surely painful. I also felt the pain. But I feel that it’s good to change the feeling to gratitude towards the partner that we once dated. Though many things happened and ended with breaking up, the time we spent with that partner, was a meaningful time and it was a good memory. By thinking like that, I think the painful feeling will be forgotten little by little. The thing that I think it’s not good is to talk bad about the partner that we once loved. That’s really not good. There are people who can quickly switch their feeling just like me and also some who are taking time to do so. But, you can definitely get over it! I cannot give advice to those people directly but by listening to my music and going to Big Bang’s live concert, from now on too hopefully we can give a little power to them.


—Do you have such thinking ever since you were a teenager?

VI: No, I changed when I was 20 years old. That was the first time when I worked in entertainment world. When I was a teenager, I had a time where I went crazy over love but when I was doing my work; I didn’t mix it up with love. Regarding love relationship, no matter what happens; I will say “It doesn’t matter” and did not think deeply. And I did not become sad. If I am depressed, I will cause trouble to my members and staffs and that’s the only thing that I don’t wish to happen. And then, there are many guys who drink alcohol to forget things when they get heart-broken and suffered right? For the song Love Box, it’s inspired from a movie that I love with title “Ima, Aini Yukimasu (Be With You)” portraying the sadness of a man who had lost his dearest wife. During recording, for me to be able to express the sadness, on the day before, I drank a lot of alcohol. And then on the recording day, I was singing with my hoarse voice while in tears.

—To that extent you had your recording.

VI: It’s not only for this song, but for all. Since this is my long awaited solo album so I want to do it thoroughly and make sure until I am satisfied.

— VI san has released his album, and right now Big Bang is having 6 big domes tour.

VI: It’s been awhile since the last time all 5 members of Big Bang gather for a tour so before the tour even started, other members and I are really excited. Now, for us to show our feelings, we’re going around to every place so everyone please show a lot of your passionate feelings that you have while waiting for us.


—By the way, what do you think during live concert?

VI: What should I say during the next MC. For example, since today we’re in Kansai, what kind of Kansai dialect I should use~ I always think about that. (laughs)


—How are things at dressing room before concert?

VI: Other than me, everyone is busy to make themselves looking good (laughs). Especially G-Dragon, he’ll wear bracelet then pierces… and keeps trying them. Its bling bling (laughs). TOP goes to smoking area, and then go to smoking area again then he goes somewhere and back again 5 minute before the live start. And go to smoking area (laughs) And D-Lite is exercising, working out, working out and keeps working out. (laughs) SOL is already at the stage side, waiting (laughs)

—I can imagine that situation.

VI: SOL is someone who is really excited to do live concert. He is always like this.

—How about VI?

VI: I will say this to the staff

“VI san, about this, how do you want to say it?”

“For here, I will say this so why don’t we do it like this. And please prepare cue card for TOP (laughs)”

—That’s because you have an important role as the MC. But you as Big Bang, as a solo artist, and also as the MC.. Isn’t it hard to have many roles alone?

VI: It is not like I’ve been ordered around to do it by someone. I do it because I purely feel fun when I do it. Isn’t it the same with Master Akashiya Sanma? While making all the guests stand out, we can know that Master Sanma himself is the one who’s having fun. And my character has became like this in Japan (laughs) How will I do my MC and all, I think many fans also come to live and looking forward for it. Therefore, I feel the need to meet the expectations from them. Otherwise when I stay quiet and didn’t say a word during live concert, others will think “What’s the matter? ” right?

—Today, maybe he’s not feeling well? Maybe he’s angry? Is the reaction not good? And such, others will feel worried.

VI: “Thank you everyone. So let’s go to the next song~”

“Ehh~~??” It will become like this.

—Indeed. And since that’s become normal to you, don’t you feel troubled? Sometimes you will have a day when you’re having poor health condition, but then you always have the image as cheerful and bright, and Seung chan is friendly and kind towards everyone, isn’t?  

VI: Other than my fans also greet me pleasantly when I was walking down the street and I’m really thankful for that. But usually I don’t reply them and honestly I probably give bad image to those person I met on the street. If I reply to 1 person, I feel that I also have to give the same response to everyone who has greeted me. I don’t want to give special treatment only to a few people. To people that I met on the street and to those who I don’t meet, I want to cherish all of them since they love me the same. Therefore, I would like to apologize first. It’s alright to call on me if we met on the street and I’m happy because of it. But, I think I will give a curt reply. I’m sorry.

—With such consideration shows VI’s kindness.

VI: No no (shy smiles). Now is the end of year, I feel that some people are getting tired. It will be good to blow it off the fatigue from 1 year and together with all of you welcoming the year 2014 with a new feeling!

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